Uttoxeter Agricultural Society

Part of Staffordshire and Birmingham Agricultural Society

Uttoxeter Agricultural Society

6/2/1900          A Fletcher,    Combridge

                        J E Cambell,   Woodseat        

28/2/01            A Fletcher,   Combridge

                        G Silcock,   Stubwood

28/10/02          Thomas Wood,   Croxden Abbey

9/2/03              John Holland,   Kingstone Hall

1/12/04            Clement Cottrell   Marlpit Farm

2/2/05              W Ball,   Field Hall, Field

                        R J Greensmith,   Church Farm, Leigh

1/2/06              W Bull,  Leese Hill, Uttoxeter

14/2/07            Thomas Wood,   Croxden Abbey (Hedgelaying only)

13/2/08            James Bloor,   Gratwich Hedgecutting only)

4/2/09              C Cottrell,   Marlpit Farm, Uttoxeter (Ploughing & Hedgecutting)

18/2/10            John Bull,   Leese Hill, Uttoxeter

9/2/11              William Ball,   Field Hall, Field

16/2/12            Bernard Bettson,   Broomfields, Uttoxeter

                        C Ridout,   High Trees, Uttoxeter

14/2/13            W A Rawlin,   Stramshall,

                        F H Ede,   Waterloo

30/1/14            S Barlow,   Birchwood Park, Nr. Leigh

19/2/15            F Smith,   Combridge, Rocester

                        Mr. Heathcote,   Bank Farm, Rocester

1916-18           No Matches

27/12/19          George Bloor,   Colton House, Uttoxeter (Hedgecutting only)

18/10/19          F H Riley,   Birchwood Park, Fradswell (Ploughing & Hedgecutting)

13/11/20          Mr. Wright,   Bank Top, Gratwich

14/10/21          H P Prince,   Field Hall, Field

1922                S Gallimore,   Wall Heath, Kingstone

                        T. Gallimore,   Leese Hill, Kingstone

23/10/23          E J Knobbs,   Park Hall, Leigh

23/10/24          W Hollins,   Bagots Bromley

29/10/25          C Hollins,   Dunstall, Abbots Bromley

?/10/26            Mr. Wint,   Stevens Hill, Admaston

19.11.26          E Ede,   Stramshall (Hedgecutting only)

14/10/27          A H Cooper,   Newton, Admaston  (pos. New Buildings Farm)

15/10/28          William Hollins,   Bagots Bromley

10/10/29          Mr. Hulme,   Draycott in the Moors, Blythe Bridge

9/10/30            T H Bourne,   Mackley House, Sudbury

15/10/31          A H Cooper, Upper Drointon Farm

13/10/32          W Bratt,   Windy Bank, Somersal

                        H Townsend,   Oaks Green, Sudbury

19/10/33          Messrs Pearce & Son,   Manor Farm, Draycott in the Moors

                        F F Shelley,   Cresswell

18/10/34          E J Salmon,   Agardsley Park Farm, Newborough

17/10/35          J Pursglove,   Moor Farm, Field

                        H P Prince & Son,  Field Hall, Field

15/10/36          Major E G Thompson,   Houndhill, Marchington

14/10/37          Messrs Bostock Bros.   Totmonslow, Tean

13/10/38          F Goodall,   Doveridge

12/10/39          No Match

10/10/40          T H Bourne,   Mackley House, Sudbury (First tractor ploughing)

9/10/41            Mr. Shipley,   Newton Manor Farm, Admaston

1942                No Match

14/10/43          Mr. Parrott,   Shaw Farm, Gratwich

12/10/44          T B Bettson,   Kingstone Hall, Kingstone

11/10/45          T H Bourne,   Mackley House, Sudbury

10/10/46          L R Earp,   New Buildings Farm, Grindley

9/10/47            W H Brandon,   Harehill, Sudbury

7/10/48            A J Smith,   Admaston

                        J Parton,   St. Stevens Hill, Admaston

6/10/49            H F Woodward,   Fole Farm, Fole

12/10/50          G W Ede,   Coton Hall Farm, Coton in the Clay

11/10/51          W S Thomson,   Hanbury Grange, Hanbury

9/10/52            W Bratt,   Windy Bank, Somersal

8/10/53            T B Ball,   Houndhill, Marchington

14/10/54          Sir William Fielden,   The Yelt, Doveridge

6/10/55            S A Woodward,   New Buildings Farm, Admaston

4/10.56            W G Carrington,   Bromley Park, Abbots Bromley

10/10/57          J E Lalley,   Hanbury Grange, Hanbury

                        E V Sale,   Hadley Green Farm, Hanbury

9/10/58            E J Knobbs,   Park Hall, Leigh

1959                No Match (too dry)

13/10/60          W J Hellaby                            |

                        Mrs. Worthington & Son        |  Fauld, Draycott in the Clay

                        J T Snow                                 |

12/10/61          H Bailey,   Broadgate Hall, Hollington

4/10/62            R A Earnshaw,   New Buildings Farm, Grindley

10/10/63          P K Cotterill,   Yeatsall, Abbots Bromley

8/10/64            J S Philips,   Fields Farm, Doveridge

7/10/65            R Knight,   Shaw Farm, Gratwich

13/10/66          R J Brown,   Coton Hall Farm, Sudbury

12/10/67          George Roobotham,   Mackley House, Sudbury

Ploughing & Hedgelaying Match Venues since 1900